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Pet Medications – ‘Shop around’ says CBC

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Pet medications are an unregulated industry in Canada, and as such trusted practitioners such as veterinarians can charge whatever they want for your pills, shots and ointments.  A recent CBC Marketplace episode highlighted this fact and visited a variety of vets across Canada.  The result?  Prices that ranged from $6 to over $60 for the SAME medication.

It is little wonder that we often purchase our pet prescriptions from our vet’s office, as the convenience of purchasing exactly what we need at the time of diagnosis is a powerful combination.  For recurring medications however, the convenience factor is removed and options such as shopping around on the internet become very appealing.

One particular lady on the Marketplace segment had an ill dog who’s medication was costing several hundred dollars per month through her long-time trusted veterinarian.  After financial hardship caused her to re-evaluate her spending, she found that by shopping online she could save over $1,500/year for the exact same medication.

The CBC conclusion?  Spending 10 minutes shopping around could save you big money each month.